There are 9 types of humour/comedy, what do you like?


In Japanese the saying is, the time spent in laughter is equal to the time spent in the company of the gods. Ask a young man what he really wants to see in his friend or a spouse, mostly the answer will be, Sense of Humor(comedy). Today, most of the comedy videos are being watched on YouTube. From AiB to TVF and BB’s vines, the most popular channels are also comedy. Humor has become the biggest need of today’s time.

But in spite of its comedic sense or sense of humor, what happens is that one thing is very much liked by a class, but not at all by the other class . For instance, Kapil Sharma makes a lot of appeal to a particular class. That is why, on the strength of his comedy, he is as popular as any film star in the country. At the same time there is a class to whom his comedy looks light.

This is the class which rather likes watching videos of standup comedians on YouTube rather than watching Comedy Nights with Kapil. In such a situation, it is very important for us to know that if everyone is trying to laugh at their level then why is it that everyone does not appeal to a particular one? Its first and direct answer is that humor is of many types in its nature and on the same basis, it also creates its own market. Humor is broadly placed in 9 categories.

1- Physical Humor

Physical Humor is the one in which the artist tries to make people laugh through their expressions. Johny Lever has been doing this work for years in Hindi films. The Joker also does the same work in the circus. Rajkumar Santoshi’s famous film Andaz Apna Apna is also another classic example of its climax fight scene. When Salman Khan and Shakti Kapoor try to throw them down each other by twerks.

2- Jokes(Stand-Up Comedy)

It is said that the person who knows how to joke, he first laughs at himself. The reason for this is that the joke is done on anomalies and contradictions. And if the artist is honest, then he first knows the contradictions or weaknesses in him. Stand up comedians work well to make fun of people by making fun of themselves.

His thinking behind it is that as soon as you make fun of yourself, people are with you. They stop judging you. Famous standup comedian Zakir Khan, in today’s era, wishes to do this work. In which he ever makes fun of his looks. Sometimes about his being middle class. Sometimes about his weak English.

3- Improvised Humour

This type of comedy is not scripted. By talking about things we create humor. Kapil Sharma is probably the best example of this. Most of his comedy his shows are the same only. Improvised Humor is the most difficult and respected in all types of humor. It is difficult because whatever you say is to say on the situation at the same time. There is no preparation beforehand. And respected because such a comic seems very comfortable.

The viewer is understanding that you have not made any preparation for it. Because of this, he becomes your fan. For example, during an air travel from former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, an English journalist apologized before asking the question, “Sir, forgive me for a bad Hindi, I will get a little Hindi.” Vajpayee ji retorted immediately, you can question me in English, I get a little english!

4- Word play

If there is a comedy made with the word play or the magic of words, then it is not so attractive. But sometimes it loses its ease when doing so. Yet this has been a popular way of creating humor. The fun liner below comes in this category. It was written at the time when the Delhi Chief Minister had gone to Bangalore to get his treatment.

क्या ये सिर्फ इत्तेफाक है कि केजरीवाल जी अपना इलाज करवाने भी ऐसे राज्य गए जिसका नाम कर नाटकहै।


Social media, especially on Twitter, is a laughing stock or topical. Various types of news-star shows also fall in this category. In which the writer or artist takes the discrepancy from the incidents of recent events and speculates on it.

6- Observational humor

As the name implies, this kind of humor is what happens from your own observation. Raju Shrivastav’s video made on middle class Indian weddings is a unique example of this.

7- Body Humour

In this way you make fun of someone’s body texture,or his appearance. For instance, if someone is lean and thin, then the humor of his low-weight. If one is fat, then the objection of obesity. Most of this category falls into the category of Politically Incorrect Humor.

For instance, if you can enjoy sharing such jokes on WhatsApp in closed rooms, but the same thing will happen on the newspaper or on TV, the problem will be there. In the video given below, the comedian has been saying that there are so many problems in our country that no one takes the joke of color blown seriously.

8- Dark Humor

Dark Humor is done in those situations when the situation looks very tragic, miserable when looking up from the top. But in such a situation, laughing is also known as dark humor. This kind of humor is very challenging, because most people are not ready to laugh at that situation. It is very possible that at the end, the person who kicks up is considered non-serious. Yet cartoonists, satirists, comedians have come here from time to time. These scenes of Satish Shah’s death are a classic example of Dark Humor in Hindi films.


In such kind of humor, we laugh at some of the real things of real life and humorize it by giving them their own words. Most spoofs fall into this category.

In these 9 different types of humor, everyone likes different types of humor. With the expansion of social media and channels like YouTube today, everyone has the option that they can see what they like at any time. Maybe some kind of humor is very intelligent for one class and the other is very curious. One thing seems to be very funny and the other seems not interested to it. Whatever the choice, but one thing is certain that there is no shortage of options for laughing- laughter today.


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