A Look at Education Qualifications of India Politicians !

It is controversial enough that there are no educational requirements to be a politician. Yes, that’s right. To be a peon you still need 10th pass certificate. However, there are no bounds on politicians. Naturally, that speaks for itself. A look at education qualifications of India’s politicians will shock you!

Thus, education is never prioritized. When this happens, what result can we expect? Here is a look at the qualifications.

Smriti Irani- Education Qualifications of India’ Politicians

Irani serves as the Info&Broadcasting Minister. In addition, she is also the Textiles Minister.

Earlier, Irani completed her school from Delhi. She went to Holy Child Auxilium School.

Next, there is a lot of controversy on her Bachelor Degree qualifications. Initially, she claimed to have a B.A. from DU. However, Irani later said she took admission in B.Com.

Smriti Irani, one of the most popular politicians in India has legitimately only completed 12th grade.

However, she did not complete that three year course.

Manmohan Singh- Education Qualifications of India’ Politicans

It is no surprised that Dr. Singh was one of the most educated politicians India ever had. Singh  served as a Prime Minister of India.

He got his Master’s degree in Economics from Punjab University. Moreover, he completed Economics Tripos from Cambridge.

Dr. Singh, the ex- PM of India is one of the most highly educated politician in Indian history; education qualifications india politicians

Next, he went to University of Oxford to pursue is doctoral degree. Truly, his education qualification reflects in his career record.

Uma Bharti

Bharti serves as the current Cabinet Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation.

However, she attended school only till 6th grade.

Uma Bharti has only completed schooling till 6th grade and serves as a working politician.

Moreover, she has described herself as a religious missionary.

Manohar Lal Khattar

Khattar is a popular politician in the Indian government. He had completed his schooling from Rohtak.

When he was filling his nomination papers for election, there was another controversy. Khattar claimed he is a Graduate from Delhi University.

Subsequently, and RTI inquiry was filed.

Khattar completed his schooling however his university record is unclear.

The university has no record of which college he went to. Moreover, there is no mention of which year he graduated.


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