A Tribute to these Firsts of Indian Cinema on Women’s Day !

Indian cinema is incomplete without women. What better day to pay a tribute to the firsts of Indian Cinema than on Women’s Day!

These brilliant women have broken through the mold. They have emerged to be the “firsts” of Indian cinema. Their dream helps millions other dream. These women from yester-year to today, are truly an inspiration.

Durgabai Kamat- Firsts of Indian Cinema

On Women’s Day, here is a tribute to India’s first female actor. Kamat took up acting when it was deemed a taboo. In the 1900s, females on screen was a big no no.

Furthermore, Phalke has to cast male actors to play female roles!  Only after the success of his film Raja Harishchandra, women entered this league.

Kamat broke all stereotypes by being the first female actor ever in the history of Indian cinema.

Kamat acted in her first film in 1913. It was Phalke’s second movie and Kamat was casted as the leading lady.

Nargis Dutt- Firsts of Indian Cinema

Nargis is to date regarded as one of the best actresses. Moreover, she was also the first female to win the National Film Award.

Nargis Dutt became the first woman to win a National Award for Film in Indian cinema.

This was credited to her performance in Raat aur Din.

Earlier, Dutt had debuted as a child artist. He career in the Indian cinema began in 1942 officially.

Fatma Begum

This woman was the first female Director. Begum had launched her own production house, Fatma Films.

Thus, she became the first female director in Indian cinema. Her debut in direction was with the movie Bulbul-e- Paristan.

Fatma Begum was the first female director of Indian cinema and went on to write and produce as well.

Subsequently, within 4 years of experience, she went on to write, produce and direct many films. She even tried her hand at acting.

B.R. Vijayalakshmi

Vijayalakshmi broke two records in one go! She became the first female cinematographer in India. Moreover, she was also the first of the same in Asia.

Vijayalakshmi became the first woman in India and Asia to be a cinematographer.

Initially, she started her career as an assistant. She first held the camera in 1985.

Eventually, she worked took charge and worked in 22 films. The last one was in 1995.


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