These Amazing Photojournalists Show the Unconventional Reality !

Sinclair is a female photojournalist who sheds light on the gender disparities around the world.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is the basic premise on which a photojournalists’ career is made. Capturing photographs which irk a nerve, and overflow emotions.

Furthermore, these photojournalists across the world have difficult tasks. They trek to the most challenging places. However, they help unveil the unconventional reality.

These photographers have helped see us the world, like never before.

Photojournalists capture the unconventional reality, hidden on this planet.

Paul Nicklen

Paul is a marine biologist by profession. He works as a photojournalist for his passion of photography. Furthermore, he is a National Geographic Magazine contributor.

Paul is well known for his unique way of capturing photos. His main interest is in obscure parts of Arctic and Antarctica. Moreover, he helps raise awareness about climate change through his photos.

Paul almost froze to death once, during his Arctic photo shoot.

In addition, during one of his expeditions, Paul almost froze to death!

Abd Alkader Habak

Habak is an extremely renowned name in the field of photojournalism. This brave-heart has taken on various life threatening projects.

Earlier, he was documenting the evacuation of civilians in Kefraya. While several kids died in the bombing, Habak witnessed this first hand.

Habak is a brave heart who has seen various miseries of life.

Subsequently, a photograph of him went viral. He is seen running away from the scene, while rescuing a boy.

Stephanie Sinclair

This young women speaks through her photographs. Sinclair’s works show the evidence of women violence.

Moreover, her work focuses on highlighting the disparity in society. Consequently, her efforts to reduce child marriage have provided change.

Sinclair is a female photojournalist who sheds light on the gender disparities around the world.

Recently, her work on Iraq received a lot of global attention.

Steve McCurry

The list would be incomplete without McCurry. McCurry is best known for his photograph “Afghan Girl” from 1984.

Steve McCurry received global applause for capturing this photographs.

Furthermore, he has captured stunning moments during the Iran Iraq War. In addition, he also covered the Gulf War, and Afghan Civil War.

McCurry completed a stunning series on India, which you can view here.


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