Baba Ramdev death news turn out to be fake!!

Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev gets trapped in social media battle.Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is an influential figure in his field of yoga,Ayurveda,politics,business and agriculture. There was a rumor created by some people over WhatsApp which says that Baba Ramdev met with an accident on Mumbai Pune express way.

There were also some fake images that were passed over social media showing that Baba is on stretcher and is taking into the ambulance.This topic created a lot of hype on all the social networking platforms specially WhatsApp as it all started from WhatsApp.

After twitrer, WhatsApp is considered to be the reliable source of breaking any sort of news be it real or fake and sometime even people start believing without thinking anything or confirming anything.

There was also an image of a brutally smashed car which made his filters think that it is true. There was also a news that doctors couldn’t save him and now he’s dead. This news got spread like a wildfire which shook all his followers deeply.

On investigation it came out that this picture of Baba Ramdev was taken earlier from 2011. In 2011 he had suffered from major incident that took place in Bihar when he was taken to the hospital. People came to know that all this was a rumor when Baba Ramdev himself tweeted saying that all this is fake and he was safe and healthy.
There was a sigh of relief amongst his followers on listening that all this news was fake.


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