These Billionaires Earn Big Bucks, but Lead Simple Lives !

Being one of the richest men in India, Premji donates half of his Wipro stake to charity.

There are numerous billionaires across the world. CEOs and Owners of famous companies lead lavish lives. Or so, we think they do.

Owning mansions, yachts, and jets is very common. These people have every right to spend as carelessly as they want. However, some billionaires in the world prefer to live simple lives.

These billionaires earn big bucks, but lead simple lives. Read on to see how they generously donate to charities. Moreover, they become an inspiration.

A graphic depicting the rate of most billionaires in the world, in country sequence.

Warren Buffet– Berkshire Hathaway

Buffet is one of the wealthiest CEOs in the world. Subsequently, he enjoys simple living.

Previously, he revealed that he lives in the same house that he purchased in 1958. Furthermore, Buffet begins his day with a cheap meal from McDonald’s.

Buffer rarely changes his cars, and drives the same one for years. In addition, he gives a large chunk of his earnings to charity.

Perhaps the most surprising fact is that he begged Washington DC to increase his taxes.

Buffet lives an extremely humble life, and had even begged DC government to increase his taxes.

Azim Premji – Wipro

Premji is one of India’s richest men. He has given half of his stake from Wipro, to charity.

In addition, he ensures that minimum toilet paper rolls are used. As well as, that employees always switch off the lights when leaving work.

Moreover, he is known for taking auto-rickshaws from airports.

Being one of the richest men in India, Premji donates half of his Wipro stake to charity.

Amancio Ortega – Zara

The tycoon behind Zara fashion company is again one of the humblest billionaires.

He lives in a discreet apartment in Spain, with his wife. In addition, Oretga wears the same outfit. The outfit comprises of a blue blazer, white shirt, and grey pants. However, none of these items are from Zara.

Furthermore, he always eats lunch with his employees. Ortega visits the same coffee shop and drives an Audi 8.

The Zara CEO always eats lunch with his employees.

Mark Zuckerberg- Facebook

The list would not be complete without Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Mark has always been known to live a low key life.

Firstly, he owns various versions of the same grey t-shirt. He rarely wears suits, or any other type of clothing,

In addition, Mark has started an initiative with his wife Priscilla Chan. They work together to focus on education and healthcare.

These billionaires earn big bucks, but lead simple lives. :Mark believes that simplicity starts with narrowing down choices, which is why he wears grey shirts everyday.


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