These Brilliant Apps Were Made By Indian Developers !

The famous phrase, “You’re Bangalored” is credited to Indian geniuses. Around the world, when one loses a job to an Indian outsource, this term is used. There are brilliant apps made by Indian developers. These apps have received global praise.

Earlier, Indian tech giants landed opportunities. They had a genuine ability to learn and contribute. Thus, they went on to produce the most brilliant apps.

We bet you had no idea these global apps were made by Indians.

360 Panorama- Brilliant App by Indian Developers

You must have come across 360 pictures on Facebook. The brilliant feature of moving the photos upwards and downwards was added.

Moreover, it was possible to get a 3 dimensional view of the scene. This is all credited to Indian app developers.

The 360 Panorama was designed by an Indian App developer, especially seen on facebook.

An Indian developed the 360 Panorama through Occipital.

Paytm- Indian App Developer

Perhaps the faster growing banking sensation was Paytm. Everyone from students, to senior citizens use this.

In addition, Paytm is giving a huge competition to Paypal. Paytm, founded by an Indian app developer, has spread across 16 countries.

This app allows to make online payments for everything.

Paytm, has made Shekhar the youngest billionaire of India!

Booking a flight, sending money, recharging phones, are a few of the main operations. Paytm is a brilliant example of a trustworthy app.

Furthermore, Shekhar Sharma, the founder, has become India’s youngest billionaire.


This food giant has changed the delivery game altogether. In addition, Zomato operates in over 19 countries.

Zomato has become a global brand. Earlier, it was founded in 2008. Back then, it was only associated with 2,000 restaurants.

Zomato is a leading food tech giant, operating in close to 20 countries.

Today, UK, Ireland, Canada, UAE, and many others are using this app. This app developed by an India, had over 300,000 restaurants linked.

Hike Messenger

People think Hike is only famous in India. However , this is not the case. More than 40% of Hike users are based outside of India.

Furthermore, these users are from Europe and Latin America.

Hike Messenger, developed by an Indian, has spread across three continents.

This Indian messaging app has become a global hit. This is because of many reasons. It works similar to Whatsapp. It offers free calling, different stickers, and daily jokes too.

The app comes with facts, and camera filters.


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