Cadbury Easter eggs and four other things that are shockingly !


As the outrage continues that Cadbury are literally ‘spitting on the grave’ of their Christian founder because they are not overtly Easter enough, many worry their chocolate is halal.

Part of a supposed plot to force halal chocolate on to the public, many have vowed not to buy their products.

The rumour that Cadbury hated Easter started kicking about in 2013.

That year the official chocolate account started having to rebuff claims that their products were ‘Halal certified’.

They wrote: ‘None of our UK products have any paid certification but all are Halal by default… Because they contain no meat!’

Indeed, if you want proof that this is a genuine concern to many check out the Twitter feeds of anyone who thinks Genghis Khan was a liberal.

There you’ll see a burning hatred for the Islamification of Easter eggs.

And where did this come from?

In Malaysia several years ago someone said there were traces of animal byproduct (pork is not halal – the word just means ‘permitted’) in their product. There wasn’t, so they got official assurance and it was stamped with a halal-certificate.

Cadbury has since had to fend off thousands of tweets accusing them of things like waging a ‘chocolate jihad’.

However, outrage for other products has been slow in coming.


When was the last time you were informed that Hovis was halal?

Well it is. As is all bread.

Every time you put that halal bread in your toaster you’re eating halal food, because it is bread.

Where is the outrage?


While you may be looking forward to a cup of milk or even to put it on your Corn Flakes you might want to be aware that it is halal.

Amazingly people have not felt the need to tell the world that milk is halal, or to tweet dairy companies with criticism about it.

But it is.


Can you believe this?

Evian, Volvic and your water supplier haven’t even told you that their product is halal.

What will you drink now? Nope don’t reach for that cup of tea because that is also halal. As is that orange juice. It’s all halal and no one has told the public.

Until now. Shocking.


Again a sneaky one. One that you think you might get away with.

Breathing in halal air is now commonplace, because it always has been.

Yes, that sharp intake of breath you just did when you discovered this fact was all halal.

Many of these products are not halal certified, just like Cadbury chocolate, but it is also halal.



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