Chandni Will Light Up the Heavens Now; Sridevi Left Us But We’ll Never Forget These Performances !

The sudden demise of India’s first female superstar has shocked everyone. Sridevi died do to accidental drowning in her Dubai hotel. Moreover, this was just a few minutes after her last conversation with her husband. The Chandni will now light up the heavens.

Sridevi passed away, but left us with these performances. Portraying every character from Naagin to a historical queen, she was truly versatile.

Here is a tribute to the performances we will never forget.

Nagina- Sridevi unforgettable performance

In Nagina, Sridevi played the role of a female serpent. It was a snake who could take many forms.

Furthermore, this is perhaps one of the most remembered performances. She, time and again, proved her immense talent.

Sridevi's amazing performance in Nagina stole everyone's hearts.

Subsequently, Sridevi won Filmfare special award.

Mr. India- Unforgettable Sridevi Performance

This performance gave the legendary song, “hawa hawai“. Mr. India depicted a movie about kids and childhood. Thus, Sridevi played the role of a journalist. Her romance with Anil Kapoor was much appreciated.

The Chandni will light up the heavens, and we remember the most unforgettable performances of Sridevi.

In addition, every song Sridevi danced to in this movie, are hits even today!


This was the role Sridevi was known for. Chandi was a hit on the golden screen.

Moreover, the late actress won a National Award for this performance. The story line was about a woman conflicted between her lover and paralyzed husband.

The Chandni of Bollywood breathed her last this week and the lights will now shine in heaven.

With this performance, Sridevi proved again that she is unforgettable.


The strength of this actress is immense. Earlier, a couple weeks after her father passed away, Sridevi shot comical scenes. Her performance in Lamhe was labelled her best.

Sridevi's performance in Lamhe is the best to remember.

In addition, she played a double role as a mother and daughter. This performance won five filmfare awards.

English Vinglish

Her return to Bollywood film broke the box office. Sridevi entered cinema again after a decade of gap. Firstly, this comeback was after years of staying away from limelight.

Secondly, this movie was an immense hit because of the beautiful concept.

Her memorable re-debut stormed through the box office with a brilliant concept.

Consequently, her performance was complimented by fans and critics.


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