Cracking the Secret Code of the Cricket Culture !

The West Indies team is a prime example to elucidate the value of cricket.

Cricket has become a way of life. It is not a mere sport, rather a global phenomenon.

This sport has the power to bring together the world in a very unique way. Being one of the most played sports, it has developed its own culture.

Moreover, if you look carefully, there is a secret code to every nation’s cricket team.

Let’s go on and crack the secret code of the cricket culture!

The Enigma Code of Cricket Teams

It is important for every team to set up their unique strategy.

Take the example of Pakistan’s cricket team. Their style of playing is both mainstream, yet different. Subsequently, this does the trick of keeping the opponent puzzled. They play in a manner which is very unpredictable and hard to find patterns in.

The Pakistani Cricket Team follows a unique hybrid technique to confuse their opponent.

So, the unique strategy is fundamentally all that works into play on the field. It is the mind game sets which get to the opponent; even before you swing the bat.

Finding a Family in Your Team

It is inevitable that the players develop a strong bond. After attending various practice and training sessions, as well as global tours, the familial bond strengthens.

In addition, this is the core of any good team. It is the deciding factor as it can make them or break them.

The South African team serves as an example of a closely knit family.

Follow the example of South Africa. Their team members are vividly very close. The captain wants the players to succeed very dearly. In fact when players do fail, the others get very sensitive and emotionally impacted. Eventually, this is then seen in their performance.

So, not only is it key to succeed and want others to succeed, it is also important to be moderate. There is a right balance to strike between becoming motivational, and not losing your focus.

Crowd is Key

There is never a lack of spectators in the stadium. Sometimes, a country’s audience directly impacts their players’ performance. The level of aggression in the crowd of different countries, has different effects.

Consider the Australian team. In an interview, Jones revealed that England had a tough time playing against them because of the audience uproar.

Often, the crowd controls the game, more than the players.

The fan support for a team can bring drastic changes.

Value of Cricket

A large part of the culture depends on how the country perceives the sport.

West Indies were “the” cricketing nation years back. This is because, every player took Cricket as a platform to measure their ability and competence.

Their value and respect for cricket was so immense, that it got the other nations worried.

The West Indies team is a prime example to elucidate the value of cricket.

When West Indies were failing to perform well, they received letters and writings from other countries, showing their concern.

Cricket becomes Home

There comes a point where cricket exceeds the playing field and enters every day life.

Cracking the Secret code of the cricket culture . The Indian Cricket team has made this sport not only into a culture, but also a civilization.

Take India, for example. It is often seen on Indian TV that cricketers are promoting ads and films. In addition, there is also a release of cricket literature. Cricket in India, is not just a culture, but very close to civilization.


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