Did you Know These Brilliant Achievements of ISRO ?

ISRO is one of the brightest agencies of our country. Moreover, it has never failed to make us proud. It is a constant source for inspiration for all young aspirants. However, many Indians do not know these brilliant achievements of ISRO.

This is mainly because the other achievements are not as popularized. Furthermore, they are well-documented but not readily available.

Nonetheless, it is important to know the several brilliant achievements ISRO is credited of. Have a look!

Maiden Lunar Mission- Brilliant Achievements ISRO

Earlier, in 2009, a wonderful discovery was made. The Chandrayaan, belonging to ISRO, had discovered water on moon!

Yes, this brilliant discovery was made by Indians! Moreover, NASA had confirmed the credit towards India.

The Lunar Mission of ISRO is credited of discovering evidence of water on the Moon.

India’s Moon Impact Probe (MIP) had helped this be possible. It had detected evidence of water on the moon! Truly amazing!

Space Observatory- ISRO brilliant achievements

Did you know ISRO holds a world record? India is the only developing country to launch a space telescope.

It is the Indian AstroSat. Furthermore, this works as a space observatory. However, it is 10 times smaller than other famous ones.

Brilliant achievements ISRO : ISRO made possible for a space observatory to be placed for the first time by a developing country.

A premier example includes the Hubble telescope. Nonetheless, India’s space agency has made brilliant efforts to be put on the global charts.

First Satelite

Currently, India is not that popular for manufacturing nano satellites. However, the chairman of ISRO once revealed something.

ISRO launched a nano satellite.

Nair said that ISRO’s first satellite was a nano one. Moreover, this happened several years ago. The nano was merely 40kg.

Once again, the Indian space agency surprised everyone.

Rare Species

Another one of the brilliant achievements is quite unknown. ISRO had discovered three species.

ISRO detected three rare species.

These species were of bacteria. Moreover, they were found in the upper stratosphere. This bacteria is highly resistant to UV Rays. It is sensitive to ultra-violent radiation.

Furthermore, they are not found anywhere else on Earth.


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