Drones Will Soon Be Legal In India! Here’s What You Need to Know !

The idea of doorstep delivery using drones is rising which may strike a decrease in employment.

Drone enthusiasts rejoice! The drone flyers in India finally get the ‘legal’ chance to fly drones because legalization is under process.

India’s aviation ministry gave a strong hint today. They indicated that a set of rules and guidelines for both civil and commercial use of drones will be legalized. In addition, this will all happen before December 31st 2017.

Drones will finally be legal in India, as hinted by the Aviation Ministry.

Types of Drone Classification

The drones in India will be further categorized because they vary in weight.

Nano drones weigh less than 250g. Next, drones between 250g to 2kg can fly no higher than 200ft. Finally, drones weighing more than 2kg will need to apply for a host of permissions. This includes police permission, as well as a licence with a flight plan. Drones Will Soon Be Legal In India! Here's What You Need to Know :The drones are categorized differently due to weight.

Purpose of Flying Drones in India

As per the draft regulations, civilians are entitled to fly drones at their home and outside.

Furthermore, the commercial use of Drones include aerial photography, doorstep delivery of goods and services.

This means, your pizza can fly to the destination you are present at!

Thought it is unclear how the regulations will be implemented, this strikes a new debate.

The idea of doorstep delivery using drones is rising which may strike a decrease in employment.

Replacing human jobs with drones, such as doorstep delivery, it going to decrease the employment.

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as various start ups may e the first wave of drone deliveries.

Civilians’ Permission

All drones do not require a permit.

According to the draft regulations, nano drones which weigh less than 250g often don’t fly more than 50ft off ground. Subsequently, they don’t require prior permission.

However, for heavier drones, police permission or a flight license is required.

Restrictions on Air

While it is getting legalized in India, there are still various prohibitions.

Drones will not be allowed to fly near sensitive areas. These include international borders, places of national importance, for example: India Gate.

In addition, it is prohibited to fly within 500m from a strategic location, which is yet to be defined.

Eco sensitive zones etc. are also included in the prohibited areas.



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