Here is Everything About Bengaluru’s Amazing Initiative with Pink Autos!

The pink autos will be monitored by CCTV cameras and tracked by GPS systems.

The world knows that safety of women is a pioneering concern. Moreover, this concern breaks all bars when it comes to cities of India.

In a developing country, women still feel unsafe to travel home alone at night. Thus, Bengaluru has come up with a brilliant solution.

The roads of Bengaluru are all set to have a splash of pink! The fleet of pink auto-rickshaws will rock the roads. These pink autos are reserved only for women.

There will be a splash of pink in the city of Bangalore.

Safety First!

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike have planned this welfare scheme. BBMP will distribute pink autos.

Previously, the body planned to reserve 20% of its parking slots for women. Eventually, the pink auto scheme also fell into place.

The pink autos will be monitored by CCTV cameras and tracked by GPS systems.

In addition, these autos will be equipped with CCTV cameras, and GPS trackers!

In an Interview with Chairperson of BBMP

The Chairperson of BBMP, Abdul Rakeed Zakir gave in depth information in an interview.

They are planning to distribute 500 autos. Furthermore, they will provide Rs. 80,000 in subsidy for each auto rickshaw. The beneficiary will pay the balance.

The Chairperson of BBMP mentions that an in depth training program will be provided to male drivers.

In addition, women drivers will be given preference. There will also be a special training program for male drivers. This will teach them how to behave with women passengers better.

Other Pink Cities

Not only Bengaluru, but other cities in India have launched such schemes.

Cities in Odisha, Gujarat, UP, and Assam have similar schemes. They also provide pink auto services for women.

Some women in Bengaluru have proposed a concern. While CCTV cameras will be installed, the issue is if someone will monitor them.

The Future of Pink

Bengaluru also plans to launch pink toilets, reserved for women. This will fall into place in nearing times.

Here is everything about Bengaluru's amazing initiative with pink autos. The future of pink is to provide toilets for women and kids with high quality facilities.

Such initiatives are the crux and soul of women’s safety. These schemes are aimed towards fixing the fundamental problems. Eventually, this is the stepping stone to women empowerment and their progress in society.

The state government’s initiative should benefit many women commuters.


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