Everything to Know About Asgardia: World’s First Space Nation !

A nation outside of Earth has finally become a reality. For better or for worse, Asgardia is here.

Asgardia was announced in Paris in October of this year. It is a free and unrestricted society, as the makers say.

Furthermore, it holds knowledge, intelligence, and science at its core. There is also recognition for each human’s life value.

Asgardia is a nation not inside of Earth. It floats around the planet’s orbit.

Asgardia, world's first space nation which will orbit outside of Earth.

Here is everything to know about Asgardia: World’s first space nation.

Promote Peace

Asgardia even has a constitution. According to the Constitution of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, it has one goal.

The central objective is to bring peace. In addition, protection and welfare of mankind is also important.

This peace and protection clause is for everyone.

Satellite Launch

Asgardia 1 nano satellite was launched into the the orbit. However, it is only the size of a loaf of bread.

Nonetheless, it has reached the ISS on a NASA rocket. Furthermore, it contains 500GB of information about 18,000 Asgardians.

This information includes pictures, videos, and other digital data.

Asgardia-1 was successfully launched into the orbit on November 12

Citizens Registry

This nation has over 114,000 people signed up to become citizens. However, they are all Earthlings right now, they can now call themselves Asgardians.

Moreover, becoming a member is easy, and free!

2025 Mission

Asgardia hopes to create a sustainable platform. It plans to be located between 160-321 km above Earth.

Similarly, ISS is located in the same place right now. They expect to inhabit the registered citizens here.

Relations With Earth

According to its Constitution, Asgardia will open embassies on all continents. The space nation will have its own foreign policy.

In addition, it hopes to create a balance between its own interests, and planet Earth.

Everything about Asgardia: World's first space nation. Igor Ashurbeyli, the founder addressed the world about his mission.

The President

The president of this space kingdom is the first Head of Nation, elected this January. However, the date in he Asgardian Calendar would be January 0001.

The president is a scientist, businessman, and innovator. Furthermore, UNESCO awarded him a Gold Medal for his contribution in nano science.

UN Recognition

As of now, Asgardia does not have approval of the UN. It currently awaits UN security council’s recognition as a country.


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