Here is the Hidden Meaning Behind Common Dreams !

On average, one third of the human life is spent asleep. This means, a lot of different dreams take place.

It is important to know what the common themes in dreams mean. There are some dreams with a hidden meaning behind them.

Read on to know these chilling findings.

Falling – Hidden Meaning Common Dream

It is said that falling is categorized in two ways.

Firstly, there is a sense of fear. Secondly, falling from joy.

The dream of falling is associated with fear and happiness, both.

In the first case, there is anxiety and insecurity. The hidden meaning underlies a fear about life.

Next, in the second case, it means that someone is very happy with their life.

Sleep Paralysis – Hidden Meanings

Sleep paralysis can be an extremely frightening experience. This is because the dreams overlap.

The REM stage overlaps with the waking stage of sleep. Next, this stiffens the body while the mind is awake.

Sleep Paralysis has the hidden meaning that one is in lack of control over their life.

Many claim that sleep paralysis feels like coming back from the dead. In addition, it occurs when one has less control over their life.


Chasing is another common theme in dreams. The hidden meaning reveals that one is running away from something.

Seeing chasing in your dream indicates that you are running away from something in your waking life.

Chasing is seen because someone is trying to escape something from their waking life. Furthermore, it shows that the person is likely to leave things incomplete.


The dream that you are naked in public is horrifying. However, this is also a commonality. Experiencing nudity means one cannot find the true self.

Further, it indicates that someone has unsure feelings.

Being nude, or seeing other nude is a sign of sensitivity in dreams.

On the other hand, people also see dreams of other people nude. This happens because one is worried about exposing secrets.

Spiders in the Dream

Lastly, seeing spiders in your dream indicates something different. It firstly means that you are not in control of your life.

Seeing spiders shows others are trying to exclude you.

Next, it hints that someone is excluding you from their live.

This is a common dream when someone finds our their partner has cheated on them.


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