These Horrific Cases of Honour Killings Will Make You Think Twice About Humanity !

A Grade 12 student in Rajasthan was shot and burnt by her family for the sake of honour.

The recent case of Ankit Saxena’s murder has shook the national capital. Ankit, being a Hindu, was in love with a Muslim girl.

In broad daylight, the relatives of the girl murdered Ankit in front of his family.

This gruesome incident proves yet again that the love between two people is not accepted easily. Barriers of castes and religion are factors which lead to death.

Not just Ankit, but various other incidents like this have taken place in India. It is time to learn from them and seek to create a peaceful future.

For the information ahead, reader discretion advised.

Delhi Cop kills daughter

A Delhi Cop witnessed her daughter being strangled because she had a relationship.

In the October of 2017, an honour killing case had surfaced. The head constable of Delhi police has his wife were arrested. They were convicted because of their involvement in their daughter’s murder.

The 20-year-old girl was a nursing student. Subsequently, she was in a relationship with a boy from the neighbouring village.

According to the reports, the victim’s uncle strangled her in front of her parents. Both the parents have been sentenced. However, the uncle is still on the run.

Initially, the family tried to disguise the murder as suicide. Nonetheless, the villagers told the police that they suspected murder.

17 Year Old in Rajasthan

A student of Grade 12 in Dholpur district was allegedly murdered by her family. She was in a relationship with a classmate. Eventually, that affair met with disapproval from the family.

A Grade 12 student in Rajasthan was shot and burnt by her family for the sake of honour.

The relationship continued. Consequently, the girl was shot dead and burnt. This was supposedly done by her father and other relatives.

The Married Couple

A married couple of the same community faced heinous consequences. The duo belonged to Telangana. Rachna and Harish were attacked with swords. Tragically, they died on spot.

A married couple of the same community were victims of honour killing because the husband was an auto driver.

The couple were neighbours and of the same community. Rachna’s uncles brought her up after her parents passes away when she was young. Her family decided to kill them because Harish was an auto driver.

This is absolutely disgusting that such drastic steps are taken due to unfavourable occupations.

Father Kills Daughter’s Husband

Previously, in the May of  last year, another horrific incident took place. A Dalit was killed by her wife’s father.

These horrific cases of honour killings will make you think twice about humanity . A man killed hi son in law because he was unhappy with the marriage.

A Dalit man married the daughter of Srinivas Reddy. However, the father was unhappy with marriage. Soon, he murdered his son in law.

Reddy had called the couple and promised to accept their marriage. Subsequently, he killed her daughter’s husbands in the fields of Nalgonda district.

Such crimes are a parasite to the society. It is about time that society lifts up from such segregation.


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