India Will Soon Have Its Very Own Times Square in Bangalore !

There is no surprise that Bangalore is the tech-iest city in India! Moreover, that praise doubles when it’s set to break records. India will soon have its very own Times Square in Bangalore!

The Times Square is a major tourist attraction in New York City. Bangalore is now all set to put the plans into action.

The Planning

The point of origin will be at an intersection. This intersection is between the Residency Road and Brigade Road. Furthermore, major revamping is under process.

The are is ready to go under a massive transformation.

BBMP officials are taking initiative in the planing. Subsequently, the intend to make this times square a tourist destination. This will only add value to the business district Bangalore already is.

Announcement- India’s Time Square in Bangalore

Earlier, major R Sampath Raj announced the great news. He mentions how Bangalore Square will be along the lines of Times Square.

Moreover, Bangalore is soon becoming a global city. This inauguration will celebrate that.

Bangalore city is on its way to become a global city, and nothing better than gifting it a Bangalore Square.

Consequently, the project report is under process.


The Bengaluru Square will have its entrance at Brigade Road. Much like the Times Square, it will be pedestrian friendly.

Sources add, that MG Road and Church Street are already quite famous. Hence, they’ve become top tourist spots in the city.

Various inputs from citizens were taken into consideration. It was found that they want Church Street to be a walkers’ zone.

Subsequently, the public demand will be adhered to. In addition, Church Street will also have easy access for taxi services.

The entrance will be at Brigade Road and the entire plan will follow suit. The aim is to make the zone walker friendly.

Interestingly enough, Church Street is the first “handmade” road. Bangalore boasts of this first in the country. Furthermore, every stone of this street was laid by man, individually.

There is no better place than Bangalore to combine historical and present influences. The creation of Bangalore Square will spike up the tourism state and nation wide.


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