The Most Insane Architectural Masterpieces from Around the World !

The realm of design is reaching new heights. Literally! Architects today are creating the most risky concepts. The most insane architectural masterpieces from around the world will blow your mind!

Moreover, not only the risk, but also the cost has spiked. Some of these magnificent structures will make you question gravity.

Antilia- Insane Architectural Masterpieces

The famous Ambani residence is valued as much as the Buckingham Palace. It crosses $1 billion.

Furthermore, Antilia is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic. This insane architectural masterpiece is larger than many palaces!

Antilia, is an architectural masterpiece housing 600 staff members.

In addition, this building is complete with helipads!

Aqua (Chicago)- Architectural Masterpiece Around the World

The Aqua is 82-storey tower. Many are unaware that it is the tallest building designed by a woman.

Jeanne Gang is credited for this architectural masterpiece.

The Aqua is Chicago is a wobbly building designed, of 82 stories.

The balconies of these towers are shaped reaching outwards. Thus, a wobbly effect is visible.

Moreover, the tower is complete with gardens, gazebos, a running track, and fire pit.

AIDar Headquarters- Abu Dhabi

The UAE is already famous for some of the world’s tallest buildings. However, it also houses the world’s first circular building!

The circular building is one of its kind, situated in UAE.

The AIDar Headquarter is also known as the coin building. The architectural style is circular.

Also, the “stacked dinner plate” prototype was shown.

Lippo Centre, Hong Kong

Some think that this building looks like koala bears climbing trees. For this reason, Lippo is nicknamed Koala Building.

The Lippo Building is nicknamed as the Koala Building.

The architect has designed two towers. The first one has 46 floors, and the second 42.

It is a visually appealing piece of art. Much of it makes us wonder how this insane concept was carried out.

Umeda Sky Building

This architectural masterpiece is in Osaka. It is a 73 meter tall dual towered structure. These two towers are further connected.

The Umeda is a 173 meter tall building with the world renowned floating conservatory.

A Floating Garden Observatory connects both pillars. The Umeda building houses mostly offices.

However, it is widely famous for its floating garden on the 39th floor.


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