These Major Scams of the Country Looted Millions and Fled !

Quite recently, another case of a scam has surfaced the internet. It is being called the biggest scam in India’s banking history. These major scams of the country have looted millions and fled.

Punjab National Bank was earlier duped of millions of rupees. Moreover, there have also been several frauds conducted by political parties.

Here is taking a look at some of the major scams of the country.

Nirav Modi- major scam, fled the country

Earlier, Nirav was accused of the PNB scam. He is a diamond merchant who is said to have fled the country.

Moreover, the firm is accused of duping Rs. 11,300 crore. This is one third of total earning of PNB. PNB is the second largest public sector bank.

Nirav Modi, recently accused in a major scam, has robbed millions and fled.

The scam was booked by CBI. Nirav, his wife, brother, and business partner have a warrant against them.

Vijay Mallya- major scams, looted country and fled

Mallya is till now the most famous financial offender. This major scam looted millions from the country.

Mallya, the owner of Kingfisher, has to return over Rs. 9000 crore to various banks.

Mallya is the most famous scam accused offender in the country who has looted millions.

Furthermore, India is trying to extradite him for a year now. Mallya has fled to the UK. However, the UK government is not handing him over.

Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi was a former cricket administrator. In addition, he ran the show of IPL for the first three years.

However, Lalit Modi was accused of collaborating with politicians for financial gain. He was convicted for buying shares in various companies. This was done through political connections.

Lalit Modi ran the IPL for the first three years, however he is accused of gathering financial advantage through politicians.

Subsequently, this becomes a scam as it is for personal financial advantages.

Currently, Modi lives in the UK and is fighting several charges against him.

Christian Michel

Michel is allegedly a middleman in a deal. He is accused of looting Rs. 135 crore.

This is because he has not yet returned the money which was given by Agusta to buy helicopters.

Christian Michel was accused of laundering money which was meant for buying helicopters.

Michel is involved in gathering benefits through political connections. In addition, he is also accused of bribes.



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