Mary Kom Academy is the Greatest Gift to India’s Next Generation of Boxers !

Mary Kom is India only female boxers with an Olympic medal.

Mary Kom has an aim for India. She aspires to train the next generation of boxers in the country ! Therefore, she is continuing to expand her regional academy. Mary Kom Boxing Academy is in Manipur’s Imphal West district. Further, it is spread across 3.3 acres. Currently, there are 45 young boxers housing the academy. Twenty of them are girls.

Mary Kom's regional academy is preparing young boxers of tomorrow!

Mary Kom

The renowned boxer is a five-time world and Asian champion. In addition, she is also the country’s only woman boxer with an Olympic medal.

Recently, she became a Rajya Sabha MP in 2016. This was after she won the fifth championship, securing a gold medal.

Mary Kom is India only female boxers with an Olympic medal.

Mary Kom wants to give back to the sport which has made her who she is. Hence, the academy is a full fledged institution, shaping all the future boxers.

The Academy

The academy has a fully-equipped gymnasium. Moreover, there is a boxing ring with a 600 seat-er gallery.

Previously, the land on which the academy is built, was given for free. It was donated by previous Congress state government.

The academy has a built in ring and gymnasium, with trainers like Charles Atkinson.

Subsequently, the academy can accommodate 100 trainees. Mary Kom is regularly present to monitor the progress. There are various accomplished coaches such as Charles Atkinson, who teach.


Mary Kom and the academy are waiting for PM Modi to formally inaugurate. Earlier, a request was made to the PM.

Once the approval comes, the academy will officially function.

The construction was completed two years back.

The Sports Secretary audited the facility. In addition, Mary Kom also met the State Minister at the PMO thrice. Assurance has been given that the PM will inaugurate the academy in the coming months.

Exposure and Future

The beginners start from ages 11-15 age bracket. With rigorous training, the progress is visible.

Eventually, the trainees are brought to tournaments. This ensures exposure and recognition.

Mary Kom's academy is the greatest gift to India's next generation of boxers! The bracket begin with ages 11-15 and the academy will soon expand.

Last year, the academy held a tournament. The capacity reached beyond 600. Hence, is it planned that a hall will be built to hold 1500 people.

Mary Kom has given the best contribution to the dreams of young boxers in India.


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