Panama Papers disclosing Organisation’s Lady Reporter Daphne dead in car bomb explosion.

International Consortium Of Investigative Journalist Organisation disclosed the Panama Papers which contains 1.15 crore documents :- 

Panama Papers came in front of everybody in May 2016. three month before this disclosure Malta’s reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia purported that Malta’s prime minister Joseph Mascat had also done corruption. Daphne wrote in her blog that prime minister’s wife and their chief of staff Keith Schembri is also the owner of a company in Panama.

This company was used in illegal money and fund transfer. because of Daphne’s disclosure Malta’s government was shattered. Josef had to resign and re-election happened. However Joseph again won the election and build his government.

In international media Daphne was named as ‘one woman Wikileaks’. On Tuesday, 53 year old Daphne’s car was blasted by a bomb. Daphne was not working for any Media Organisation. she was just writing a blog named as ‘running commentary’. Malta’s total population is 4.5 lac in which 4 lac people read her blog.

On Tuesday also she wrote a blog. In this blog she wrote about Keith Schembri. She wrote this blog on 2:35 and went in car. After 35 minutes a blast happened in her car.

Daphne’s son Mathews is also a journalist. In a Facebook post he wrote: “My mother was assassinated because she stood between the rule of law and those who sought to violate it, like many strong journalists. But she was also targeted because she was the only person doing so”.

“This is what happens when the institutions of the state are incapacitated: the last person left standing is often a journalist. Which makes her the first person left dead”.

Malta’s Prime Minister Mascat’s reactions over Daphne’s death :-  Mascat releases a statement in which he claims that he is absolutely not involve in Daphne’s murder. Mascat said that –                                                                

It is an attack on freedom of speech. Daphne was one of my politically and personally critic. But all this facts it not related to her murder”.



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