Prithvi-II Missile Successfully Test Fired by India !

There were several trials before Prithvi II. The final success has set the stone of India's nuclear inventory.

India has successfully test fired the nuclear capable Prithvi II missile. It is a user trial developed by indigenous techniques.

It was crafted by the Army and fired from a test range in Odisha.

 This is a surface to surface missile, which had a range of 350 km. Further, it was carried out by a mobile launcher. The defence sources described it as a complete success.

Moreover, it met all the mission objectives during the test launch itself.

India's trial on firing nuclear capable missile Prithvi II was successful, achieving all the aimed objectives.

Prithvi II

This perfect launch occurred after a successful trial with Agni 5 in January. Subsequently, Agni 1 missile was conducted yesterday. It was fired from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast.

Prithvi II is equipped to carry 500-1000 kilograms. These substances include warheads. The missile is run by liquid propulsion twin engines.

Furthermore, the defence sources say that this missile uses a guidance system and trajectory to hit the target.

The Launch

Prithvi II was chosen random from the production stock. In addition, the launch activities were carried out by SFC. SFC are the Strategic Force Command employed specifically for this launch.

Prithvi II Missile successfully test fired by India . Prithvi II was monitored by scientists of DRDO.

Moreover, this launch was monitored by scientists. These scientists were a part of DRDO.


The missile was tracked by radars and electro-optical tracking systems. In addition, telemetry stations were also used by DRDO. All of these were located on the coast of Odisha.

The teams employed near Bay of Bengal also played a crucial role. They monitored the terminal events and splash down.

There were several trials before Prithvi II. The final success has set the stone of India's nuclear inventory.

Earlier, in 2016 November, two other missiles were tested. They were successful from the same base.

The Prithvi II is the first missile developed by DRDO under IGMDP. It is of 9 metres in length. Further, it is single stage liquid fueled.

In a world where nuclear inventory is becoming a status symbol, India will soon take a lead. India’s development of the nuclear missile will put the country on the charts of science and technology, yet again.


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