The Best Bars and Pubs in India You Should Definitely Visit !

Most people need their weekly dose of a little boost! No matter what you drink, sipping it in a super cool place always adds to the experience. Here’s to check out the best bars and pubs in India!

These bars and pubs will give you the ultimate experience. Their aura is something new in itself! Check it out!

Aer- Best Bars and Pubs

The 34th floor of the Four Seasons in Mumbai has a lot to offer! It has a fantastic 360 degree view of Mumbai city!

Moreover, when it rains, you get your own private canopy. It is a must to visit this surreal place.

The Aer in Mumbai will give you a 360 view of the city!

The Flying Elephant- Best Bars and Pubs

This one is a real treat in Chennai! The Flying Elephant has five live kitchens working on five different floors! Yes!

Furthermore, you’ll get to ride the vintage elevator. It is truly a masterpiece of architecture.

The Flying Elephant in Chennai will give you vintage vibes!
21 Fahrenheit- Mumbai

Do you know ‘the place’ to cool off from the heat? You have to look no further because this is your top destination. This amazing bar cum pub in Mumbai will give you the sub-zero experience!

The best place to cool of your heat during tropical Mumbai summers!

Moreover, it’s complete with neon lighting. Furthermore, they have ice tables, chairs, and ice glasses too!

Only place you’ll be carrying a jacket to in the middle of tropical heat!

Vault Cafe- Delhi

This cafe disguised as bar/pub does justice to its name! It is literally a vault!

Moreover, it provides dining area in five different sized settings. These settings are vaults itself which can carry 8-22 people.

In addition, it has an open dining area with a small terrace. From this, you can see the entire inner circle of CP!

This splendid bar in the capital will give you 20th century vibes!

The British colonial aura is the best vibe you get from the Vault. It will definitely take you back to the 20th century!

Check this place out whenever you’re in the capital!


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