Top Highest paid Bollywood Actors in 2017 – Salary of Bollywood Actors !

The Indian film industry spoils its actors in millions! Some Bollywood Actors make far more money than average American actors.

In addition to the movies, their endorsements also increase the pay scale.

The American counter parts usually release a flick every 1 or 2 years. However, the best of the best of Bollywood are known to work on 4-5 films at once.

The massive releases and hitting the box office every time all adds to their pay check!

Here is a look at the highest paid stars of Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan- highest paid 2017

The Kind Khan of Bollywood earns a whopping $38 million annually.

SRK not only gives blockbuster hits, but also has many brands up his sleeve. Moreover, other profitable productions are held by his Red Chillies Entertainment.

There is no surprise that he tops the list as the most paid star!

The highest paid bollywood actor of 2017 -SRK tops the chart as he bags $38 million every year.

Salman Khan – highest paid actor 2017

Followed by the Badhshah is Salman Khan. Khan still earns a great amount for movies like Sultan. Even though his recent release Tubelight did not fare well, his earnings aren’t affected.

Likewise, Khan also engages in various advertisements. He also engages in a not-for-profit line in clothing and jewelry. All these make him the second highest paid actor of 2017 with $37 million.

Salman busies himself with various brand endorsements and earns a couple million every now and then with hit releases.

Akshay in 2017

Akshay Kumar bagged 5 movies in 2017 alone! Subsequently, this adds to more than his counter parts.

Akshay was the busiest in 2017, bagging 5 movies and featuring in the top 3.

Kumar not only gets paid for movies like Dishoom and Jolly LLB 2, he has other tricks up his sleeve.

With everyday brands of deodorants and Eveready batteries, he is in the top 3 highest paid Bollywood actor!


The next on the list is yet another Khan! Aamir scored a global hit with Dangal in 2017.

Khan has gathered $12.5M from the pay checks reach thus far. Since Dangal continues to ticket worldwide, more money is to come.

With the global hit Dangal, Aamir lands on the chart of highest paid actors.

Khan will earn more in the coming year when the rest of the checks come in.

Nonetheless, he appears in fewer movies in Bollywood. Moreover, he does not endorse lots of products either.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika is among the only two women found on the list of highest paid Bollywood actors. Earlier, she sailed through both Hollywood and Bollywood simultaneously.

Deepika was all set to make history in 2017 by earning more than her co-actors.

In addition, she made history by earning more than male co-actors in the 2018 film of Padmavat.

Padukone, collectively grabs $11 million by endorsing notable brands and becoming a global giant. She is everywhere from Nike to Oppo.

Priyanka Chopra

The list would not be complete without PC. Much like Padukone, PC has one foot each in both sides of the world.

It is no surprise that Priyanka stays on the list of highest paid, especially after her global hit of Quantico.

Her ongoing TV series Quantico is a global hit. In 2017, she also appeared in Baywatch. Her rounded annual earnings cross $10 million.

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