The Most Dangerous Religious Cults for Humanity which Still Exist !

It is perhaps the biggest threat to humanity when religion controls morality. This is especially true for the religious cults. Some of the most religious cults for humanity still exist!

The extent to which these religious cults extend their power is ridiculous. However, they do have the freedom to practice their religion. Moreover, this authority is legal. Nonetheless, all of these cults cross the line of humanity and morality.

Have a look!

Scientology – Dangerous Religious Cults for Humanity

Scientology is a quite popular religious cult. Previously, it was formed in 1953 by Hubbard.

Moreover, it is one of the richest cults to exist. This is because of its high-profile fan following, such as Tom Cruise.

Scientology is infamous for high profile members like Tom Cruise.

This dangerous religious cult is based on the idea of getting rid of negative emotions. Eventually, they started conducting therapy sessions. Moreover, they used lie detectors.

Rumour has it, it has been accused of killing its critics.

The KKK- Dangerous Religious Cults for Humanity

This is one of the most notorious ones on the list. It has beliefs in white supremacy, which is basically racism.

The KKK has been famous for its involvement in murders.

The Ku Klux Klan is a sort of Christian cult. Moreover, it is very violent. Previously, it was involved in cold blooded murders. It also discriminates against every other race, especially Jews.

People’s Temple

This one has to be on the list. It is too frightening not to be. The People’s Temple is a religious cult founded by Jim Jones. This came into being in 1955 in the United States.

Jones, the head, was a very crazy man. Eventually, he twisted the Bible and made his own justifications. He believed the Bible allowed white men to dominate over women and coloured people.

Jones Town became the deathbed of 918 people who committed suicide.

Ultimately, 918 people died in a mass suicide. They drank an acidic liquid to reach divinity. Currently, this incident holds the most number of willing death in the USA.


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