The Real Life Ghost Encounters of These Bollywood Celebrities are Chilling !

Many don’t believe in ghost, some do. However, the belief is only solidified after an encounter. Stories of real life ghost encounters are quite famous. Moreover, there are various TV series which live off it. The ghost encounters have even been commercialized. Nonetheless, it is not only the ordinary who have such encounters. Here’s a look at the real life ghost encounters of these Bollywood Celebrities which are chilling!

There is tremendous curiosity around this subject. Therefore, let’s have a look at the detailed account.

Varun Dhawan- Real Life Ghost Encounters Bollywood Celebrities

The first one on the list is Varun. Previously, during his shoot for ABCD, Varun was staying in a hotel. Moreover, this hotel was the favourite of Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is a legendary singer.

Varun Dhawan was haunted by the ghost of Frank Sinatra.

After a long day, Varun went to his room to relax. However, he started hearing strange sounds. Eventually, the door creaked open on its own.

Varun shared the experience by saying that he heard someone singing.

Bipasha Basu- Real Life Ghost Encounters Bollywood Celebrities

During the shoot of Gunah, it was Basu who experienced abnormality. Subsequently, she noticed strange incidents.

This real life ghost encounter is chilling! Firstly, this Bollywood celebrity couldn’t learn her lines in some rooms.

Bipasha Basu had a chilling real life ghost encounter during her shoot.

Moreover, another actress was shooting at the same location earlier. Eventually, she started acting possessed.

Unfortunately, she died when taken to the hospital.


This Bollywood celebrity had the weirdest real life ghost encounter.

The experiences of ghosts are quite common in hilly areas. Likewise, Govinda also had a tale of his own.

During one of his shoots, he was staying in a hotel. In the middle of a night, something chilling happened. He saw that a woman is sitting on his chest. Moreover, after he woke up, his room didn’t look neat anymore.

real life ghost encounters bollywood celebrities chilling : Govinda woke up to see a woman sitting on his chest!

Now seeing a woman on him could be a clear case of sleep paralysis. During this state, there are often weird hallucinations. However, nothing can explain untidy room.


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