These Amazing Inventions Could Solve a lot of World’s Problems !

Some brilliant engineers in the world are putting their education to good use. These geniuses found unique ways to solve a lot of world’s problems. Hence, they took initiative to create these amazing inventions.

Moreover, some of these ideas will blow your mind. You wouldn’t realize how effective they are, until they’ve been made. Here is a look at these amazing inventions that could solve world’s problems.

Ladakh’s Water Problem- Amazing Inventions Solve World’s Problems

Norphel is a civil engineerin J&K. He words for the rural development department.

However, his name was recognized for a very important reason. He built the first artificial glacier in Leh.

Norphel is a civil engineer who invented artificial glaciers.

Therefore, this amazing invention solved the region’s water crisis. Moreover, 17 of these artificial glaciers were produced.

He is now called “The Ice Man of India”.

Helmets with AC- Amazing Invention

Earlier, three mechanical engineers came to rescue. These engineers created an amazing invention.

They designed an industrial AC helmet. This means, that the workers can beat the heat. Such inventions definitely help solve the world’s problems.

Three engineers designed an AC helmet for industrial workers.

Currently, the three geniuses are working on a new project. They plan to design an AC biker helmet to help bikers on the road.

Truly amazing!

Miniature Trains

The trend to play toy trains has been long gone. However, because of this, various industries are suffering.

Eventually, to solve this, and ITI student has made an amazing invention.

Anurag created miniature models of the famous Darjeeling Toy Train. Subsequently, various countries have people who enjoy these models.

Anurag, has creation the amazing invention of miniature toy trains to save the business!

Hence, Anurag is now getting orders globally. A small thought, big invention solves the world’s problems.

Robots With Emotional Intelligence

Robots have become a common occurrence. Moreover, a startup has created a unique prototype.

A youth has designed a robot with emotional intelligence. Eventually, these robots are aimed to help in management services.

A startup has initiated an invention to create robots with emotional intelligence.

With this breakthrough, there will be a lot of proficiency in this field!


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