These are the Craziest World Records to Ever Exist in the Guinness Book !

The Guinness Book of World Records is the bible for all sorts of crazy records. Moreover, they officiate any new record made. However, some people were quite desperate to be featured in this book. These are the craziest world records to ever exist in the Guinness Book.

Behold yourself and take a look at our bizarre planet.


A man from Rajkot made the craziest record. He holds the record for the most handshakes.

A man from Rajkot set the craziest record of the most handshakes ever recorded.

Earlier, this was organized by Shree Khodhaldham Trust. Moreover, this event was witnessed by more than 2 million people.

Thus, 48,870 people actively participated in this.

Typing from Nose- Craziest World Records

Another crazy record surfaced when Hussain took upon an interesting challenge. He made a world record for typing 103 characters in 47 seconds. However, all this, with his nose.

Hussain was a first at typing 103 characters within a minute, with his nose.

Subsequently, this unthinkable record was the first of its kind. Hence, Hussain was awarded and featured for this record.

Snakes Snakes Snakes!

There are millions of people across the world who absolutely hate being around snakes. However, not this one particular person.

A brave man from Texas did the unimaginable. To maintain the craziest record, he kept snakes inside his mouth.

A man from Texas stored 11 rattlesnakes in his mouth.

Furthermore, he kept 11 rattlesnakes. Earlier, Jackie had been a snake handler for 30 years. Hence, that explains a lot.

Naked RidersNow this can easily be the craziest record to ever exist in the uinness Book! In the August of 2010, the weirdest thing happened.

Craziest world records Guinness book :102 naked people decided to ride the roller coaster together!

In adventure Island of England, 102 naked riders took on a challenge. Further, they rode a roller coaster completely unclothed.

Moreover, this didn’t exactly beat the record because this is the only one of this kind!

Longest Durban

A 60-year old set an amazing record. It can be the craziest but also requires lots of patience.

The longest turban in the world was worn by a 60 year old!

A man was ready to carry the longest turban ever on his head. This weighed 100 pounds. Moreover, it is practically the weight of a child.

Eventually, after 6 hours, and wrapping 646 meters of cloth, he succeeded.

Avtar Singh Mauni holds the record for the biggest turban in the world!


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