These Beautiful Things Around the World that Don’t Exist Anymore !

You have probably come across those bucket lists. These lists are often filled with adventures and travel goals. However, before you do visit, you need to check if that still exists. These beautiful things around the world don’t exist anymore. Moreover, many people don’t know it yet.

The iconic places of some countries cease to exist. Because of modernity and progress, they have suffered. These are the places you must’ve heard of, but can never see.

Paris Love Lock Bridge- Beautiful Things World Don’t Exist

This beautiful concept does not exist anymore. Couples every year used to visit the Paris Lock Bridge. Furthermore, locking a lock there was a sign of the undying love.

The Paris Lock Bridge does not exist anymore due to the heavy weight.

However, due to the increasing weight of the locks, the bridge was becoming unstable. Hence, authorities had to remove the locks.

Moreover, it is not allowed to put new ones.

Pennsylvania Station

The iconic Penn Station was taken down in 1963.

The iconic Penn Station was taken down due to falling profits.

Because of this station, various movies gave historic scenes. Moreover, this station was demolished to make way for the Madison Square Garden.

Also, the station was suffering from falling profits.

Cave Painting

The cave paintings in Grotte de Lascauz suffered greatly. This beautiful thing does not exist anymore. Moreover, humans are to blame for it.

Earlier, in the 1940s, these cave paintings were discovered in pristine conditions.

It was a perfect portal to know our ancestors’ lives.

However, the increasing amount of scientists and tourists changed this.

Initially, tourists were allowed to enter. However, after a few years, the climate change was brought on because of the humans.

The prehistoric cave paintings were destroyed due to human touch.

It caused growth of bacterial, and fungi on the wall. Eventually, this led to the partial destruction of the paintings.

Any effort made to conserve these paintings went to vain. It resulted in the growth of moss on the walls.


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