These Brilliant Women have Broken all Stereotypes and Changed the Norms !

2018 has already witnessed some interesting things so far. Moreover, these brilliant women have broken all stereotypes and changed the norms!

Well behave women never make history. Furthermore, these brilliant women have taken on the world. They’ve proven time and again that everyone can do everything.

Here is a look at how they break stereotypes and change the norms.

Preeti Chaudhary- Brilliant Women Broken Stereotypes

Preeti is a Cadet who won the Sword of Honour. Moreover, a senior under her was awarded only a silver medal.

Preeti comes from Haryana. However, in her training, she faced various challenges. She had to outsmart more than 200 men.

Cadet Preeti, a brilliant young woman won the sword of honour, defeating various men.

Here’s a salute to this young brilliant woman changing the norms.

Kanyadaan – Changed the Norms, Women Break Stereotypes

Rajeshwari took on a new persona. She was a single mother. Because of this, she took on the role to do kanyadaan.

Rajeshwari, being a single mother, performed the kanyadaan herself.

This brilliant woman challenged the patriarchal norms. In addition, she completed the ceremony with all the rituals.

Hijabi Bodybuilder

Majiziya Bhanu won the women’s category Mr. Kerala competition.

However, it was quite a surprise. The reason being, Bhanu wears a hijab. This is not something people usually associate with bodybuilding.

Bhanu won the first championship she ever participated in for bodybuilding.

Thus, Bhanu kept her religious sentiments present along with her career.

Moreover, this is the first time Bhanu ever participated in a championship.

Sandhya Marawi

Ealier, Marawi took all the headlines by surprise. She is India’ first female coolie.

Sandhya is a 30 year old widow who took upon this difficult task.

Sandhya Marawi, a 30 year old widow, becomes India's first coolie to earn her daily wages.

Subsequently, she can be spotted very easily in MP doing her day’s work.

The Female Engineer

Nimisha Singh is another brilliant woman who broke all stereotypes. She changed the norms by entering a very male profession.

Subsequently, she is a young civil engineer working for Mumbai Metro.

Singh, a 26 year old woman took upon a relatively main domain and aced her work.

By challenging herself and the society, she’s conquered the male domain.

Earlier, Singh completed her expertise in tunnel technology.

Consequently, this is an immense help to her in this project. Singh is known for her hard work and extreme dedication.


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