These Doctors and Heroes Did Justice to the Medical Profession !

A doctor is considered the greatest gift to humans. However, there is a difference between a good doctor and a great one. These doctors and heroes did justice to the medical profession.

They went out of their way to fulfill the promise. Here is a look at these great souls who changed medical dynamics.

Delhi Doctors resuscitating Man- Doctor and Hero, Justice to Medical Profession

Earlier, the doctors of the famous Apollo hospital in Delhi surfaced the news. These heroes didn’t give up on a man who had suffered from cardiac arrest.

Moreover, the trauma specialists were constantly at work. They kept the blood supply running through CPR.

Doctors turned heroes of Apollo hospital saved this man from death.

These heroes definitely did justice to the medical profession. They proved that man may be mortal, but hope is immortal.

Army Doctors deliver Baby- Doctors and Heroes, Justice to Medical Profession

A terror attack took place in Sunjuwan. The wife of a rifleman was injured due to a gunshot.

Furthermore, the woman was also 35 weeks pregnant. Hence, she was rushed to the military hospital immediately. The medical heroes saved her and the child’s life.

Medical Heroes helped deliver a baby safely to an injured mother.

It is already difficult to safely bring a new life into the world. On top of that, the mother was injured so it doubled the problems. Nonetheless, a healthy baby girl was delivered.

The Dynamic Duo

The neurologists couple are bringing are a real social change. Nilesh and Sarita Bhandari are truly doing justice to the medical profession.

Firstly, they address eyes, neuro, physio, and psycho related issued with differently abled children.

The dynamic duo are disguised medical heroes serving differently abled children.

Moreover, they have conducted eye check ups through camps. The dynamic duo are set to address 200 more such children in this year.

J&K doctor donating blood 53 times in 30y

A senior medical officer at Police Hospital Jammu is a hero. Kiran Sharma was even awarded. This was done by Indian Society of Blood Transfusion.

Subsequently, she was recognized for her contribution in voluntary blood donation.

Kiran Sharma has donated blood more than 50 times in the past three decades.

Previously, in the past 30 years, she donated blood more than 50 times.


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