These Incredible Facts About Queen Elizabeth II Will Blow Your Mind !

When you hear of the Queen, you imagine someone calm and poised. Beyond this, the Queen also has a completely different side. Here’s a look at these incredible facts about Queen Elizabeth II that will blow your mind!

Besides being professional and disciplined, the Queen has a quirky side! Yes, these facts about Queen Elizabeth will definitely put you in perspective.

WWII- Queen Elizabeth Incredible Facts

The Queen is the only female member of the British Royal family to serve in WWII. Moreover, she was only 18 when she joined the service.

incredible facts queen Elizabeth : The British Queen was a driver for the Army!

Furthermore, she was a driver for the military truck and used to change wheels. She also drove ambulances.

No Passport- Queen Elizabeth Incredible Facts

No wonder the Queen travels a lot! Turns out, the British Queen does not have a passport.

Thus, she has visited more than 115 countries without a passport.

The Queen has traveled to more than 115 countries without a passport!

This is because all the British passports are issued in the Queen’s name. However, other Royal members do need to have a passport.

Two Birthdays

We bet you didn’t know this incredible fact about her. Like normal people, she doesn’t have only one birthday a year.

Turns out, the Queen celebrates twice. Once in April, and once in June.

This is because the sovereign birthdays are celebrated twice if not naturally in the summer.

She celebrates two birthdays in a year, April and June.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, however her official one is now celebrated in June.

Stalker Encounter

In the year 1982, she encountered a stalker. A psychiatric patient came inside her room through a drainpipe.

When the Queen woke up, the man was sitting at the edge of the bed. Blood was dripping from his hands.

The Queen encountered a stalker in her room, sitting at the edge of her bed.

Instead of freaking out, the Queen chatted with him for 10 minutes. Eventually, he revealed his personal problems and relationships with his children.

After the footman woke up, he arrested the intruder.


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