These Indians Will Change Your Perspective and Prove that Age is Just a Number !

You can call them late bloomers. While the world is obsessed with achieving goals at certain ages, these Indians have proved otherwise. Therefore, they’ve taken their sweet time to find the purpose. These Indians will change your perspective, and prove that age is just a number!

These people did not follow the ordinary path. Instead, they found their calling and went for it. It will definitely change your perspective when they achieve great things at different ages. Age is just a number, nothing more.

Boman Irani- Indians Change Perspective, Age is Just a number

Bollywood always had the problem of not accepting new talents. However, this Indian had a strong will.

Moreover, where there is will, there is way. Boman Irani never quit trying. He made his mark in Bollywood with his performance in Munnabhai MBBS. Furthermore, he appeared in Khosla Ka Ghosla and 3 Idiots.

Boman Irani made his big break in Bollywood after 40s.

In addition, this was all done after he entered his forties.

The actor made a big break at 44 and proved that age is just a number.

 Paul Siromoni- Indians Change Perspective, Age is Just a Number

This man will definitely change your perspective. He is the living example that anything is possible and there’s no excuse for hard work.

He never made an excuse to not go back to school. Hence, after his retirement, he completed his Ph.D.

Paul completed his Ph.D at the age of 90.

Moreover, he had enough time to write his thesis. Once he enrolled himself, he was recently awarded the merit.

Currently, he had to write six papers, attend various seminars, and give three lengthy exams.

All at the age of 90.

Fauja Singh

Singh took up running seriously at the age of 89. Moreover, he now runs marathons that would leave others gasping for air.

Fauja Singh started running again and has completed several marathons.

Earlier, he had given up running for some time. However, he began again in 1995.

Moreover, he shot fame at 93 when he completed a 26.2 mile distance in 6 hours and 54 minutes.


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