These Jobs are at the Greatest Risk of Being Replaced by Robots !

With the evolution, rather revolution of technology, a lot is at stake. In a world where artificial intelligence is on a rise, there is a lot to lose. Moreover, the technology industry could be weaving our doom. Here is a look at the jobs at the greatest risk of being replaced by robots.

Currently, manual labour is still required. People perform their work in warehouses and factories. However, this may change. This is because of the dependency on technology.

Moreover, this is a huge risk of unemployment. Can you imagine a world being run by robots?

Manual Labourers- Jobs at Greatest Risk of Being Replaced by Robots

It is obvious to say that the manual work will be at the greatest risk. This job field can easily get replaced by robots.

Amazon is already in the process of replacing humans by robots.

Artificial intelligence helps better coordination. In addition, it produced almost perfect work. These are factors that may lead to robots being chosen over humans.

Currently, Amazon is already doing this in their warehouses. The robots are at work and the people are sitting at home.

Journalists- Jobs at Greatest Risk of Being Replaced by Robots

You would never believe that this can be a job under risk. In fact, it is. A journalist’s job is at one of the greatest risks of being replaced by robots.

This is because, technology has found a substitute for creativity.

jobs greatest risk replaced robots : With the print journalism on the rise, the requirement of a journalist may reduce.

Print journalism is becoming a thing now. The artificial intelligence is now writing articles, and the humans merely edit.


Another big shocker. However, it is true. Cooking requires skills, experience, and creativity. Moreover, it requires people.

The chief concern is whether people are willing to stand in front of the stoves all day long. That is exactly why the robots come in. The robots can replace this job by cooking all day.

Moreover, they can memorize the recipes and proportions quite easily.

Currently some robots are all ready at work by cooking burger patties.


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