These Movies are a Must Watch For Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference !

There are some movies which make excellent mediums to talk about social problems. Such movies talk about social stigmas. Moreover, the stereotypes addressed are needed. These are the movies which are a must watch, for anyone who wants to make a difference.

Currently, the flicks in the glam word of Bollywood show nothing but glamour. However, there are movies which have a cause.

They express a cause. In addition, they motivate people to talk about it.

Here are example of such movies.

Matrabhoomi – Must Watch to make a change

Very recently, Haryana saw a spike in the sex ratio. This movie, depicted the same.

This must watch movie was made in 2003. It spoke of the issue concerning female infanticide. Subsequently, the movie talked about the future of the country without girls.

This movie addressed the issue of female foeticide and broke all stigmas way back in 2003.

Moreover, it depicts the life of a girl who is married to five brothers.

Aligarh – Must Watch movie to Make a Difference

This movie beautifully portrays the stigma of a homosexual. A professor shows the pain of being different from the others.

It is a sensitive issue discussing people’s freedom and whom they love.

Manoj Bajpai performs impeccably well in Aligarh.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

It is often named the best piece of work in 2016!

This is a story of four women and their desires. It created a lot of heat on the internet. However, it lived up to its hype.

Lipstick Under My Burkha portrays the needs of women and is a must watch to make a difference.

Watching this is a great start to understand the equity between men and women.


This movie is an excellent treat to equality. It talk about fulfilling dreams and the power of will.

Moreover, it had a global box office of 2,122.3 crores.

In a country where women are coerced from choosing careers, Dangal is a breath of fresh air.

Toilet- Ek Prem Katha

Firstly, Toilet discusses the social issue of defecation in the open. Furthermore, it talks about the diseases and infections that follow up.

Moreover, it worked as an educative medium to teach hygiene.

Toilet, a movie addressing issues of sanitation.

The movie was a fight of a man to bring his wife home. In addition, it taught to not blindly follow outdated traditions.


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