These Personality Traits Will Convince you to Become an Avid Reader !

People who read books always give a different kind of aura. Generally, those who read are just very nice to be around. That much explain the term “book fairies”. Recently, science has backed up the fact that those who read are better human beings!

These personality traits will convince you to become an avid reader. The following findings disclose these humans’ natural traits!

Calmer Human Beings- Personality Traits Avid Reader

Previously, according to a research conducted by Mindlab International, the book readers have an amazing trait. They are seen as some of the most calm human beings!

Science backs up that those who read have the personality trait of being very calm.

Moreover, it was found that reading for six minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68%.

Now you can only imagine how calm the ones who read all day must be.

Memory- Personality Traits Avid Reader

One of the best personality traits of an avid reader that they remember things better.

The President and Director of Haskin’s Laboratories even proved this. He said that those who read tend to have more complex brain functions. Furthermore, their brain functions at a slightly higher level.

personality traits avid reader : Readers tend to have sharper memory and function at a higher level.

You can always count on a reader to remember every tiny detail!

Mentally Stimulated

An avid reader has a different mind. This is because reading makes one engage in different areas of the brain.

Thus, it makes sure that the reader doesn’t have a one-track mind. Generally, most people have a grounded mindset or opinion about things. While that is important, it is also crucial to be accepting of other views.

Readers tend to be more mentally stimulated because of the way their brain has a multi-track functioning system.

This is the personality trait you will definitely find in an avid reader.

Better Sleep

The Mayo Clinic recommends reading a book if someone is suffering from insomnia. There is a strong reason behind that.

It is proven that reading can cure anxieties and even insomnia.

Reading a book helps relax sooner than straining your eyes at a screen. The habit of reading can cure the worst of anxieties and make you a happier person.


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