These Police Officers are Restoring the Faith in Humanity !

The Indian Police is not always given its true appreciation. There are various instances when cops are found taking bribes. The indulgence in corruption is what we don’t want from the workers of the public sphere. However, these police officers are restoring faith in humanity.

The police turns into real life heroes. Several instances in the past few years bring a smile to our faces. These police officers are restoring faith in humanity. Here is a look at the timeless heroes!

Dushyant Rana- Police Officer restoring faith in Humanity

Earlier, the sub-inspector Rana became a good Samaritan. He worked under the Uttar Pradesh Police branch.

Previously, an accident took place on the National Highway 24. Moreover, the accident victim was hit by a speeding SUV.

Inspector Rana paid the commute and hospital bill of a roadside victim.

Without batting an eye, Rana paid for the commute and hospital bill. He did so without expecting anything in return. It is truly applaud worthy that the government workers extend their help to all sectors.

Traffic Constable- Restoring faith in Humanity

It is the small acts of humanity which count. This brilliant act was done by a 25 year old traffic constable.

Constable Revanasiddappa stopped the traffic for 20 minutes. This was done because a metal rod was sticking out on the road.

A constable in Karnataka took the responsibility of road maintenance.

Hence, he stopped the traffic for 20 minutes. Then, he proceeded to fix the rod. Eventually, it prevented several 2 wheeler accidents which could’ve happened.

Police Home Guard

Earlier, this story became a sensation on the internet. However, Home Guard Gopal did not ever intend it to be.

There was a frail 80 year old homeless woman on the roadside. One day, Gopal decided to buy food for her.

Home Guard Gopal fed an 80 year old woman with his own hands.

Moreover, he fed her with his own hands because she was too frail to do so.

As small as this act may seem, it meant the world to this woman. Police Home Guard Gopal definitely lived up to his responsibility.


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