These Prison Cells are More Luxurious than College Hostels!

When you imagine a typical prison, there are iron bars and dark hallways. However, there are some prison cells in the world which don’t look like that. Rather, they are nothing less than a hotel. These prison cells are more luxurious than college hostels!

It is hard to believe that these are actual prison cells. They are comfortable with the best facilities. Have a look!

Aranjuez Prison, Spain- Prison Cells More Luxurious than College Hostels

This is an innovative prison for the betterment of society. Here, they know that prison punishment often breaks families apart.

Because of this, they allow infant children to live their first years with the arrested parents.

The arrested parents are allowed to experience parenthood.

Moreover, their rooms are filled with cribs, and Disney characters on the walls. In addition, there is kids’ play area.

It gives parents a chance to experience parenthood, even beyond the crimes they’ve committed. They believe the children should not suffer.

Sollentuna Prison, Sweden- Prison Cells More Luxurious than College Hostels!

This is truly one luxurious prison cell, and much better than any college hostel! This prison houses inmates in private rooms.

They have comfortable beds and attached bathrooms.

prison cells more luxurious college hostels : This prison allows a private room with attached washrooms!

Moreover, they have the luxury to a gym facility. In addition to this, there is an open kitchen, recreation room, with a TV and couch!

Bastoy Prison, Norway

This prison cell is literally an island. It houses a bit more than 100 inmates. Furthermore, the prisoners enjoy the beautiful campus.

There are also other luxuries like tennis, horseback riding, fishing, and sunbathing.

This prison cell houses inmates on a literal island!

In addition to all this, they live in cottages. They have lush farms to work on. In this minimum security prison, they might often forget that they are prisoners.

Some of these prison cells in the world are definitely way better than college hostels. While college hostel students struggle for proper water and electricity, these prisoners enjoy it all!


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