These Projects all Across India Make us Thank the Engineers of our Country !

Apart from incredible heritage, India also has excellent architecture. The advancements in engineering are definitely commendable. With this in mind, here are some projects across he country which are wonders!

The work done by the engineers of our country truly make us proud!

Pamban Bridge- Projects Across India

This architectural wonder was made in Tamil Nadu. This bridge connects Rameshwaram Idlan to mainland India.

Moreover, it has 143 piers, 2km long. It is also the second longest sea bridge in India.

This bridge in Tamil Nadu is one of its kind!

Furthermore, it is also India’s first Cantilever bridge. Thus, engineers faced several challenges when constructing it, especially in a corrosive environment.

Bandra-Worli Sea link- Projects Across India

This sea link is truly exceptional. It is an eight-lane bridge constructed in the Arabian Sea. Moreover, it joins Bandra and Worli.

The Bandra Worli Sea Link is truly an architectural wonder!

This engineering marvel in an architectural wonder too. For the first time, cable-stay bridges were attempted on open seas in India.

Auroville Dome

This unique dome was a project constructed in Auroville. It is of spiritual significance. In addition, it took 37 years to build this in 1971.

Moreover, this gold sphere is surrounded by twelve pedestals.

The golden globe in Auroville reflects sunlight on all sides!

The golden discs also reflect sunlight off it surface. This, it given it a glossy look!

Chenab Bridge

The Chenab Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir is quite famous. Furthermore, the Indian Railways is building the world’s highest railway bridge here.

It is taller than Eiffel Tower as well.

The Chenab Bridge is said to be the highest railway bridge in the world!

Moreover, it is said to be blast proof, to withstand earthquakes.
Now this is one architectural masterpiece we are looking forward to!

Underwater Tunnel

The incredible projects across India don’t end here. In Kolkata, India is set to have its first underwater metro!

Yes, Kolkata is speeding ahead with this architectural advancement. This metro link will be inside an underwater tunnel, several feet under the Hooghly river.

Moreover, it aims to connect Howrah to the west and Salt lake to the east!


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