These Restaurants Around the World Have Delicious Food and Splendid Nature !

Some restaurants in the world will give you a surreal experience. It is not your ordinary go to roof top joint. Rather, these places are unforgettable. These restaurants around the world have delicious food, and splendid nature!

Moreover, they take the concept of a “natural ambience” to the next level. You will be placed at the heart of nature.

Grotta Palazzese- Restaurants Around World Splendid Nature

This restaurant is nothing short of a historical novel setting. There are candle lights in the cave like ambience.

Grotta Palazzese in Italy is truly a historical novel setting.

Moreover, the Italian nobility hosted dinners here in the 1700s. Restaurants, like these, entrenched with nature around are splendid. Moreover, they make you wonder about the magnificent gems hidden in our world.

All Barbour’s Cave Kenya- Restaurants Around World Splendid Nature

Another cave restaurant delight. This cave is said to be 180,000 years old.

Moreover, it has natural holes in the ceiling. This leads to the skylight.

This ancient cave will give you a surreal experience.

In addition, many interlinking chambers connect to various dining areas. It is a must to visit in your lifetime.

Labasin Waterfalls Philippines

This restaurant is literally near the waterfall.

Earlier, it was a coconut plantation. However, currently, the base of this small waterfall is a restaurant.

The waterfall restaurant is a breezy experience to have!

It is a unique little restaurant with traditional Filipino food. The cool breeze and the sound of water are exceptional!

Dinner in the Sky- 45 countries

This beautiful concept of restaurants has been adopted by 45 countries.

Here, cranes hoist the diners and waiting staff. Moreover, they are over 150 feet in the air.

The idea originated in Belgium and then traveled 4 countries. Currently, it also hosts other events.

Meetings and even weddings take place in the sky.

The Dinner in the Sky concept originated in Belgium and spread across 4 countries.

Delicious food, along with the scenic sunset is truly a delight. Moreover, you can get to see the entire skyline in one eye frame.

These restaurants have taken nature at its core.


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