These Short Horror Films Will Make You Regret You Hit Play !

If you think you’re a horror films’ enthusiast, we bet you can’t handle this. There is a different feeling with a lengthy movie altogether. However, short horror films have their own way. Here are short horror films which will make you regret you hit play!

These short horror films are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a long attention span. The best of the best are watched at night.

However, with these ones, you might want to watch in sunlight.

The Whistler- Short Horror Film

This short horror film will make you regret you hit play. Firstly, the story is about a man and a woman living peacefully.

The whistler is a short horror film where a faceless person is present along with two other people.

However, a faceless entity called the Whistler is present.

Sister Hell- Short Horror Film

This flick will make you wonder why you even hit play in the first place!

The title is very interesting in itself. Initially, there is a sister named Hell. This juxtaposition with the Bible is enough to intrigue you.

Sister Hell is a short film which will keep you up for weeks.

Watch on and you will find yourself unable to hit pause.

The Cop Cam

Cop Cam is a movie of surveillance. Furthermore, it captured strange activities going around in the house. This horror film will fill you with goosebumps.

The Cop Cam captured every moment in this abandoned house.

One hell of a drama, with twisted worlds and a shocking ending.

The Maiden

Previously, the original owner of a house gave the building the name Maiden. However, in this house, many have become victims.

The typical plot line of an old house with new owners, but, there's a twist.

This short horror film follows an estate agent. This agent works to prepare the house for the new owners. You can guess what happens next.

Alone Time

What could possibly go wrong? The main lead drives out of the city. Eventually, she settles for a weekend getaway.

Alone Time will reveal so much when you look at the photographs.

Everything seems cool and friendly. However, when she gets her photographs developed back home, you know what to expect.


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