These Stories of Revenge from History Will Chill Your Bones !

Revenge is an old concept. Whether it is moral or immoral, it has been present throughout history. There are some stories from history of revenge which will chill your bones.

In addition, these stories or real incidents make you question all ethical standards.

They cover stories from ancient time periods to 17th/18th century. Here is a look at some stories of revenge from history sending chills down your bones.

Julius Caesar

Earlier, the 25-year-old Julius was an adventurous man. He was sailing on the Aegen Sea and captured by the pirates.

Initially, they asked for 20 pieces of silver as ransom. However, Caesar was offended by such a low demand. Yes, that’s true!

Thus, this figure of history asked to increase the amount. The ransom was then increased to 50 pieces of silver. However, Caesar then planned revenge. He promised the pirates that he would capture and crucify them!

Julius Caesar's revenge will chill your bones! He crucified the ones who tried to capture him.

Julius’ revenge can definitely chill your bones! Caesar’s men then gave the pirates the ransom.

Subsequently, Caesar sent a small force after the pirates on the island. They were captured and Caesar kept his money and word. Definitely a cold blooded story of revenge.

King Alfonso IV – Stories of Revenge Will Chill your Bones

This is a story of revenge set in medieval Portugal. King Alfonso IV decided to get his son Peter married.

The alliance was sealed with the daughter of Prince of Villena, Constanza. Earlier, marriages were a way to maintain political alliances as well.

However Peter fell in love with Constanza’s maid. Nonetheless, the couple did get married. In 1345, Constanza passed away.

The love affair of a prince and a maid let to a gruesome murder.

The love affair of Peter and the maid still continued. Thus, the king banished the maid from the kingdom. Subsequently, Peter refused to marry anyone else.

Upon hearing this, the king sent three men to kill the maid, that too in front of her children. A brutal revenge that will chill your bones.

Genghis Khan

We bet you haven’t heard of the Khwarezmid Empire. That should explain how dreadful Genghis’ revenge was. Truly can chill your bones.

Earlier in 13th century, the Mongol Empire bordered this empire. Khan was interested in only trade with this empire. He then sent 500 men.

However, K Empire thought these were spies and captured them. To this, Khan sent three of his men to free the captives. However, Shah, had the three men shave their heads and beheaded.

Genghis Khan took a chilling revenge and erased the mention of an entire empire.

Furthermore, he ordered all 500 men to be executed.

After this, Khan destroyed this empire to such an extent that no one has heard of it.


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