These Ultimate WhatsApp Hacks for the Land of People who Survive on this App !

Indians love WhatsApp. India is a land of the people who literally survive on this app. Moreover, India features regularly on the top 10 list of highest WhatsApp users.

Therefore, the following ultimate WhatsApp hacks will make anyone’s day. The tips and tricks to make your WhatsApp experience even more amazing are here.¬†Without waiting further, here’s a look at the ultimate WhatsApp Hacks!

Swipe Right- Ultimate WhatsApp Hacks

Yes, those swiping skills are not only for Tinder! Did you know there’s an easy way to reply?

Swiping on a message lets you reply immediately!

By swiping right on a specific line, you can immediate reply to the text. It’s that simple! Hence, no more tapping and fiddling to find the reply button.

Your Own Chat- Ultimate WhatsApp Hacks

Ever wish you had your own chat? A place where you can save your photos, messages, etc? Moreover, a chat which is just for yourself to access from anywhere?

Well, this ultimate WhatsApp hack is for you!

An easy trick to create your own personal chat!

Firstly, create a new group and add any contact to it. Next, delete that participant.

Finally, that chat is now for yourself.

You can save pictures, notes, anything!

Sneaky Sneaky

Did you know you could hide your phone number when using WhatsApp?

Here’s how it goes.

However, firstly, you’ll need two SIM cards. Insert the old SIM and activate WhatsApp on it.

Next, replace the old SIM with the new one. Finally, choose to go with the old number on WhatsApp.

This way, nobody will be able to get your current number if they have you on WhatsApp.

Typewriter Font

You must know of the regular underlined and italics font. However, very few know about this smart trick.

WhatsApp now lets you write in a typewriter font.

A good old trick to remember for the love of literature!

When drafting a message, write¬†` three times, on both sides. Next, send the message and you’ll see the message.

Once you start using this, you won’t be able to stop!


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