These Unsung Heroes of Modern Day Will Fill you With Pride !

There are people in this country who are nothing less than heroes, working away from limelight. These unsung heroes of modern day will fill you with pride.

Moreover, the brave people work tirelessly. This is, without expecting anything else in return.

Earlier, the tale of Dashrath Manjhi surfaced the internet. Manjhi carved a path through a mountain to connect people to the other side. In addition, it took humanity 22 years to acknowledge it. A movie was made depicting his life.

Here are some unsung heroes of modern day who are the epitome of selflessness.

Gangadhara- The Unsung Modern Hero

Gangadhara Tilak Katnam is a retired officer from the Indian railways. A couple of years after retirement, he was on a mission to save society.

He aspires to fill all the potholes in Hyderabad.

Also, he always keeps bags of mixed gravel handy to fil potholes.

The unsung modern hero of India has filled potholes throughout Hyderabad.

Until today, he has filled 1,125 potholes. Subsequently, he makes the roads much safer for commuters.

Omkarnath Sharma- The Unsung Modern Hero

Sharma is on a quest to provide free medicine. He works as a portable medicine bank.

In addition, he’s popularly known as “medicine baba”. He walks around Delhi knocking on doors. Next, he collects free medicine from well-to-do households.

Subsequently, these are supplied for free to the needy.

Earlier in 2008, Sharma began his mission. He was motivated after seeing many injured people from a bridge collapsing.

The "medicine baba", a modern day hero for the poor.

Hence, he wakes up every morning and walks 5-7kms. This unsung hero of modern day is doing what no one will dare to do.

Pravin Tulpule

Thus ex-naval officer is one interesting modern hero. Tulpule served at the Indian Navy for 17 years.

Currently, he acts as Pintoo the clown. He is a clown magician visiting pediatric wards and orphanages.

Tulpule, and ex-naval office, is a full time clown magician, bringing smiles to children's faces.

Tulpule has the aim of serving children and bring siles on their faces. Especially, he has a soft corner towards children suffering from deadly diseases.

Moreover, Tulpule is a regular donor. He has also conducted hygiene related campaigns.

Sindhutai Sapkal

Sapkal is quite popularly known as “mother of orphans”. This unsung hero has adopted and taken care of over 1400 orphans.

These children were abandoned by their parents.

Sapkal, has won over 500 awards for her kind hearted soul who adopted more than 1400 orphans. Truly and unsung hero.

Previously, she was abandoned by her husband when she was nine months pregnant. Thus, she recalls the great difficulty she faced. Moreover, she began to beg when her own mother refused to let her in.

Today, Sapkal has more than 500 awards for her bravery.

Kalyansundaram- Unsung Modern Hero

The devotion of this unsung hero of the modern world fills us with pride. He is a 70 year old librarian. Kalyansundaram donates all of his earnings towards charity.

Consequently, he had to do odd part time jobs to sustain himself.

This unsung hero of the modern day fill us with pride as he donates every penny to charity.

He has a pension of Rs. 10 lakh which all went to charity. Furthermore, an award of Rs. 30 crores was also passed along to charity.

Kalyansundaram lives a live of selflessness for the past 30 years.


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