These Weird Superstitions from Around the World Will Blow Your Mind !

Superstitions have always existed. As long as there is spirituality, there are superstitions. Moreover, some weird ones often don’t make any sense. Here are some weird superstitions from around the world which will blow your mind.

These weird superstitions exist. The extent to which they are followed will definitely make you uncomfortable.

Germany- Weird Superstitions Around World Blow Mind

In Germany, a very weird superstition is largely followed. They believe, that one should never cheers with water.

In Germany, it is considered bad luck to toast with water.

Yes, one should never toast with water because it brings bad luck. Moreover, it is like wishing death on the person. In addition, it is also like wishing death on yourself. This is because the liquid reflects the future of a watery grave.

Italy- Weird Superstitions Around World Which Blow Mind

In Italy, a very twisted version of Friday 13th is followed. Here, people fear Friday the 17th.

This is because of a translation into the Roman Numerals. In Roman numerals, XVII is 17.

Friday the 17th is feared in Italy because of VIXI.

Subsequently, these letters can be rearranged to spell “VIXI”. Thus, VIXI in latin means “my life is over.”

Because of this reason, Friday the 17th is feared in Italy.


This one will not only blow your mind, but also give you a little chuckle. A very interesting belief is followed here.

In Zimbabwe, if your family sheds even one tear after you’re kidnapped, it’s doomed. Moreover, this is only if you have been kidnapped by a mermaid.

Yes, a mermaid. If you have been kidnapped by a mermaid, and your family cries, something bad is up for you.

If your family cries after a mermaid kidnaps you, you will never come home.

Eventually, because of the tears, the mermaid will never return you home.


In this country, women don’t eat goat meat. You must remember the term “goatie” right? It is a specific kind of beard when grown by men.

Women don't eat goat meat in Nigeria.

Hence, because of this reason, women in Nigeria don’t eat goat meat. They fear that they will grow facial hair.


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