Twitter Trolls Rahul Gandhi for Calling GST- Gabbar Singh Tax !

Rahul Gandhi has time and again been victim to various twitter trolls. However, can we really blame twitter? Rahul often lands himself into uncomfortable situations.One such recent example has been when he tried to take a dig at PM Modi. He called GST Gabbar Singh tax.

The Congress Party Vice President calls GST the Gabbar Singh tax.

Takes no Time

Within minutes of the live telecast, the Twitter mocking began. Eventually, this social media platform had its own versions of GST.

The most hilarious ones include “Gayi Sarkar Tumhari”, and “Go Sell Tea.”

Twitter Reacts

The trolls are known for their great height of creativity.

Furthermore, the Congress Regime tried its best to counter back its most adamant opponent.

In addition, other famous versions include “Ghoom Saariduniya Tax”.

Some twitter users took it a step further to take a dig at Congress by saying “Government Sudhaaro Tax”.

Arun Jaitley’s Comeback

Twitter Trolls Rahul Gandhi for Calling GST- Gabbar Singh Tax: Finance Minister Jaitley defends the GST by valuing its legitimacy.

In the on going back and forth over GST, the Finance Minister has his own take on it.

He mentions that those who are used to 2G scams and coal scams have objection. GST is a legitimate tax program which is necessary for economic development.

Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the GST had hit lakhs of small traders. Thefore, his interpretation of GST was to hint that it covets peoples’ earnings.

Rahul’s Tweet

Often labelled an immature, this is how Rahul Gandhi directed his claim in a tweet:

“Congress GST = Genuine Simple Tax. Modi ji’s GST = Gabbar Singh Tax = yeh kamaai mujhe de de.”

Alas, Rahul will have to come up with better reasons to criticize GST implementation.

Mr. Jaitley, along with other Finance Ministry officials defended the tax reform. In addition, they presented a detailed economic road map.

GST has a clear link to development of India and that will soon be evident. Let’ s see how long it takes Mr. Gandhi to realize that.


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