This UNICEF Report Shakes the Medical World in India !

A recent report by UNICEF shakes the Medical World in India. It is revealed that more than 7,000 newborn babies die every day in this country.

Moreover, this implies that as you read this, a mother is grieving the loss of her newborn.

Hence, close to 2.6 million babies die every year. This is before turning one month old. The UNICEF Report named “Every Child Alive” has given shocking statistics.


According to this report, more than 80% of newborn death are a result of premature birth.

In addition, complications during birth and infections increase the fatality. These causes contribute towards large number of stillbirths.

It is a problem which shakes the medical world in India. The leading gynecologists are puzzled.

Nonetheless, the over all deaths of children aged 1-5 has decreased. The infant mortality, unfortunately, still continues to spike.

Riskiest Places for Newborns- UNICEF Report

Pakistan has been listed as the riskiest country to be born in. This is because, in every 1000 babies born, at least 46 died before their first month.

In the UNICEF Report, India receives a shocking rank.

Furthermore, in the 10 countries with the highest mortality rate, some are in Africa. Eight out of the 10 belong to Sub-Saharan region. The remaining two in South Asia.

India’s rate per 1000 births, is 25.4. Though, the country doesn’t rank the lowest. It is still a worrying state for the medical world.

India is still far behind than its prosperous neighbours.

Safest Places for Newborns- UNICEF Report Medical World

Another Asian country sweeps the 1st rank for being the safest place for newborns.

Japan, followed by Iceland and Singapore are the three safest countries. This is when the mortality rates are measured.

In these countries, only 1 in 1000 babies die in the most month.

A snapshot of a Japanese hospital with excellent sanitation.

Furthermore, the report talks about how such countries have a great health care system.

These systems are equipped with high skilled health workers. In addition, there is excellent infrastructure and sanitation.

The Solution

It is important, to firstly allow women the opportunity for education. The countries which have the highest rates, are those with uneducated women. These countries have a lack of political participation of women.

The only solution to such fatality is the opportunity of education and social participation.

Moreover, their economic independence is important.

In addition, addressing the issue of child marriages also comes into play. Young girls are more vulnerable to such mortality rates.

It is time to provide quality reproductive health education. Also, to provide better medical staff.


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