These Unique Villages of India Hit the Global Charts !

Frogs find their life partners in this village of Assam.

India is comprised of seven hundred thousand villages. There is absolutely no doubt in India’s diversity.Every one of those villages has a story to tell. Every one of these is unique in their own way.Subsequently, there are some villages of India which have made global records. Here is a look on some of the most absurd and bizarre unique villages of  india.

Mattur Village- Karnataka

Here, Sanskrit is a way of life! Previously, Sanskrit was only taught at school level to most children across the country.

However, the residents of this village have made it their spoken language. Mattur village is the only village in India where more than 90% of the population speak Sanskrit.

Moreover, not only schooling but even every day conversations are in Sanskrit. It is quite amazing that this village tries to keep old traditions intact.

The Mattur village in Karnataka converses daily in Sanskrit.

Shani Shingnapur- Maharashtra

The level of trust people have in this village is insane. Their ethics and integrity is definitely something. Here is why.

The Shani village has no doors. People of this village go out, sleep, and work without any doors. There homes have no doors.

The Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra has no locks or doors!

Moreover, even the banks and other security needing areas are without doors.

Residents keep their valuables and money out in the open. In addition, there are no cupboards or lockers.

Thus, this village has the first lock-less bank in the country!

Kodinhi- Kerala

This village is famous for twins! The population has more than 400 twins. Subsequently, it is one of the biggest mysteries for researchers in genetics. Scholars all over the world are studying this village.

Kodinhi village boasts of more than 400 twins; nothing short of a phenomenon.

Kodinhi has a total population of about 2500, and more than 414 were born as twins or triplets.

Thus, it has one of the highest twinning rates in the world!

Rongdoi- Assam

Perhaps one of the strangest tradition happens here. The frogs of this village are married off for rainfall.

While India is diverse in beliefs, this form is never heard. Residents of this village marry off wild frogs. All done to please the god of rain.

Frogs find their life partners in this village of Assam.

In addition, the wedding takes place as per traditional religious rites.

Punsari- Gujarat

This village is quite an urban establishment. It is a “model” village, having all modern amenities.

This urban village is giving strong competition to metropolitan cities.

About a decade ago, this village was barren. It had no electricity or clean drinking water. Presently, it has WiFi, CCTV cameras, solar powered lights, health centres, and much more!


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