You Won’t Believe These Crazy Ideas Turned Into Actual Businesses !

There are some ideas you get with a burst of creativity. Sometimes, you may disregard them as crazy. However, there are some people, who turn it onto businesses. You won’t believe these crazy ideas turned into actual businesses.

After you read these, it’ll motivate you to go ahead with your crazy plan.

Ashley Madison Dating Site for Married People- Crazy business idea

You read that right! This is a dating site for married people. It basically works to assist marital affairs.

The Madison agency is originated in Canada. Subsequently, it works as a social networking website.

Ashley Madison is a Canadian company assisting married couples and those in relationships to have an affair.

Darren Morgenstern founded this company in 2002. Moreover, he coined the motto, “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Wine Bottle Lock- Crazy business idea

This is for every college student or roomie. If you’re someone tired of having wine stolen, look into this product.

Some genius came up with the crazy business idea to lock wine bottles. This lock works with a three digit code. Eventually, it aids to keep the alcohol safe.

The wine lock is a saviour for anyone protective about their alcohol.

In addition, it is next to impossible to open the lock without breaking the bottle open. So, the wine is absolutely safe.

Microwavable Pillow

The best thing to have on those chilly winter nights. Kim Levine came up with this crazy idea and turned it into a business.

Firstly, Levine put some corn in cloth. Next, he sewed it and microwaved it. Thus, we have a microwavable pillow.

The crazy business idea has led to the revenue of millions.

These pillows are extremely popular now and are earning millions.

Potato Parcel

The most random idea became an internet sensation. This American company came up with the innovative thought of sending potatoes.

It allows someone to send messages on a potato. However, the limit of the message is 140 characters.

A college grad and tech developer successfully established the business to send messages on potatoes.

Alex Craig, a 24-year-old App Developer is the founder. He promoted this business idea on Reddit.


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