World’s most expensive football coach, One week’s fees is 2.14 crore rupees, In five years he made 3 teams to win 14 titles :-Pep Guardiola

English Premier League (EPL) tournament’s team Manchester City’s coach is Pep Guardiola, In two and half month team has not loose a single match, Pep has won gold in 1992 world cup besides this he has also won FIFA world coach of the year award.

World’s most expensive football coach Pep Guardiola is again in the lime light. The reason for him staying in lime light is again his game. His team Manchester City has not loose a single match in last two and half month and it is top in the points table of English Premier League (EPL).


Pep is one of those celebrities of Spain who are die heart supporters of independence of Cantalonia country from Spain. Till now he was the world’s single most expensive football coach but now Manchester United team’s coach Jose Mourinho is also equal to Pep salary wise.

 (Jose Mourinho)

Spain’s Guardiola, when connected last year with Manchester City team then his one week fees was 2.15 crore rupees. Very few people knows that despite from being coach he was the captain of 1992 Olympic gold medalist team against Barcelona. Now he is supporting for Cantalonia’s separation from Spain.

when Guardiola was 13 year old then he first played for Barcelona youth team. After this he continuous played football for club for next 17 years. In 2001 first time he left the Barcelona. After this he played 56 matches for next five years. in 2006 just one year after his retirement he was selected as a head coach of Barcelona-B team.

In 2008 Guardiola became the head coach of the Barcelona main team. Within the one year of his joining Barcelona Club won the titles of La Liga, Champions League and Copa League. In 2012 he was connected to Bayern Munich and In 2013 he connected with Bundasliga and made that team champion. It was his 14th title. In 2016 Pep made a contract with Manchester City team and became world’s most expensive football coach.



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